Understanding Job Descriptions

When it comes to looking for a job, knowing what is to be expected may be as important as landing the job itself. Looking at wanted job ads may contain the information needed by job applicants by way of the job descriptions provided by the employers. But such job descriptions are not always down to the point and may require some bit of understanding. Here are some of the common job descriptions job hunters may usually encounter on job ads and what they usually mean.

Flexible Working Hours

This job description is usually seen in job ads put up by start up companies. At first look, it might seem that the employers might be offering a wonderful option of working under flexible hours according to the job applicant’s schedule. But what it might really mean is that the schedule to be followed is that of the company.

When reading this job description, one should expect that the job might require some days where burning the midnight oil might be necessary. Some employees might be required by the company to stay for extended hours in order to finish certain important tasks. Sometimes, Saturdays might just become working days for some of the employees. This situation may be closer to what the stated job description might mean.

Lots Of Growth Opportunities

This is another common job description that many start up companies are known to use. What it might really mean is that the job applicant should expect working hard in exchange for minimal pay since it might be a company that dreams big but may have limited capital. But it is not all bad. There might really be many opportunities to grow in the said company. But job hunters should make sure that it is a company that they are willing to work for a long period of time since there might be a number of initial struggles to face.

Willing To Work With Minimal Supervision

This job description might offer a little independence to employees which many will find welcome. But it can also mean another thing. The company may lack some cohesive leadership. Employees might need to fend off for themselves most of the time and it is not always a good thing. One way to determine the level of cohesive leadership in the company is by trying to see if the employer or interviewer has an idea of the day to day tasks that the job in question takes. If not, then it may be a good indication that the job hunter may need to discover what the job entails if he or she is hired for it.

Ability to Identify And Resolve Problems

It might seem that this job description looks into the problem solving abilities of the job applicant. But what it might also mean is that the company might not have an idea on the certain problems that it is facing and may need you to look for them and find ways to solve them. The employee might be expected to turn things around. The job might require certain challenges that need to be faced.
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